Data Management


Create a bespoke solution to keep your well information secure, organised and easy to access.

Throughout the life-cycle of a well a tremendous volume and variety of digital information is produced, but unfortunately in many instances it is spread across the enterprise and only loosely organized.

Creation and maintenance of a well data and document management system that properly fulfils the needs of any particular group within an enterprise, can overstretch capabilities (and budgets) of some IT departments.

Distributing information through emails introduces its own set of complications.

The Geologix Solution

WellXP ensures that all your well information is managed securely and kept together in one place. Because WellXP organizes all information per well, it is easy to locate everything needed for planning and subsequent offset well programs.

Digital information (in the form of documents and data files) is simply loaded as it becomes available, and stored in an SQL database accessible through the intuitive WellXP interface that you open in your standard web-browser.

WellXP can provide a truly bespoke solution at a departmental level. Simple to set up and affordable to run, none of the end users need more than basic IT skills in order to upload or control access to loaded information.


Data is managed more efficiently and is easier to retrieve, saving time and reducing staff stress.