Digitise Paper Logs


Utilise large amounts of valuable geological information typically confined to paper logs for correlation and modelling of current or future campaigns.

A lot of geological information can sit idle in old paper logs, only being used for visual reference and understanding. In order to harness the geological content of these old logs GEO provides tools to transpose vital geological interpretations into digital values that can be used across your geoscience applications.

The Geologix Solution

GEO includes tools that allow you to load and display a scanned image of your paper log, over which you can draft lithology units, modifiers, cuttings descriptions and formation tops as well as other plot content. You set the transparency level of your scanned log to engage with both paper and digital content. An editing suite provides endless possibilities to customize the patterns and shapes that were used in the original log.

Specialist tools for tracing core description grain size and texture profiles are available so that the most detailed of sedimentological descriptions can be digitized producing real Wentworth and Dunham classification values.

GEO can also be used on Windows 8 Pro touchscreen tablets for easy tracing with stylus or pen devices.


As you add the digital content, the data builds in the background and log data can be loaded to complete the digitized log. Quick and accessible ways to export the geological data into ASCII format can be created so that common formats can be digitized and rapidly exported time and time again.

This digital data can be used to fully recreate paper logs, enable digital correlation with recent wells with GEOX-Section and contribute data to the modelling of future campaigns.