Remotely Monitor Your Well


With resources carefully balanced due to lower oil prices, an effective and efficient operation is even more desirable. Being able to give maximum visibility of the operation to key experts, stakeholders and remote consultants can be vital in making key decisions at critical times.

Supporting the front line roles on the rig with objective insight from asset geologists and petrophysicists not present at the wellsite, can help achieve a robust, well considered decision.

How can the whole operations team and partners can stay connected with the real-time Drilling, LWD logs and geological interpretations from the wellsite? What value is there on hearing vital second opinions and reviews of drilling performance that could save valuable time and avoid imminent hazards?

The Geologix Solution

WellXP, a web portal accessible on any modern smart device can keep geoscience, drilling and management teams engaged in the drilling project. Because WellXP aggregates the real-time feeds from all of your services, it’s the single location for tracking well progress and viewing real-time analysis. It makes an ideal platform for the morning meeting.

WellXP provides multi-disciplinary real-time collaboration including the management and sharing of important information such as Drilling, Mud and Geological Reports, and a raft of supporting documents such as health and safety, logistics and other externally sourced analyses.

Partners and regulators can be connected to the operation via special, key information areas, thus saving operators precious time sending e-mails of filtered data and reports.


All stakeholders in the well can be kept up to date with access privileges appropriate to their role. Management can drop in to look over NPT and Day/Cost vs Depth charts; operations leads can monitor real-time data to help pick casing points, coring points and identify target formations.

Because WellXP is web-hosted with a zero physical rig presence, logistics and collateral costs are minimal, but everyone can stay connected – day or night, from any location with any device.